Friday, January 8, 2010

An Oxford Night Out

Stella 12 Beech
Oxford, Ohio
November 28, 2009

I have to give a quick shout out to this fun and hip restaurant in Oxford, Ohio.  It is owned by the family of my dear friend Stella (it was named after her great-grandmother) and so my view may be slightly consider yourself forewarned. 

However, I have been there now 2 times (once last year for appetizers) and now once this year for a quick nightcap, and have enjoyed my experience every time.  I remember the appetizers from last year were fun, inventive, and beautifully plated.  And for extra bonus points the restaurant uses organic and locally sourced products when possible.  They also have quite a few vegetarian options. 

The atmosphere has a cosmopolitan and smooth vibe; but you're given a warm, familiar welcome by the hostess that helps you feel like you belong there. 

This night, they were trying something new and had a DJ for late night, so the vibe was a bit more clubby; but still comfortable. 

The cocktail menu from this year was fun with options such a champagne martini with mango puree or a ginger spiced rum martini. 

Our drinks included (from left to right) a Great Lakes Nosferatu, a classic dirty martini with Ketel One vodka, a cherry martini (we think....we couldn't specifically remember), and a Guinness. 

Fun times :)

Unfortunately, I have no idea what the price was.  We each paid individually in cash and I didn't write anything down! 

Cocktail Rating:  For the creativity of choices and execution- 4 buckeyes

I can't wait until I can try dinner here!  The flank steak with a chipotle demi glace looked especially tempting. 

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Stella said...

Now that I'm looking at the picture, I realize that those are blueberries at the bottom. It was a blueberry martini. Mmm, blueberries.