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Burgers in Gahanna

Gahanna Grill
Gahanna (duh)
July 26, 2010
4:30ish pm

I interned for a year in Gahanna and drove by this place every day, and sometimes multiple times a day.  I was always curious about it.  It looked like an old restaurant institution that would definitely have its regulars, but could either serve amazingly good food or amazingly bad.  Unfortunately, I was busy enough that year that I never got the opportunity to try it out.  However, I tucked it away in my head as a place I'd like to try someday (along with approximately 5 million other places). 

But the day for Gahanna Grill came last July, approximately 5 years after I had first wondered about the place.  Some places I tuck away on my "to try" list are out of business 5 years later.  But since the Gahanna Grill has been around since 1939, I was glad that was not the case this time around.

On that summer day I was craving a burger and I wanted a really good, classic burger.  Thurman's was definitely an option, but I was also in the mood to give something new a try.  Gahanna Grill was it.

As we drove up I quickly realized the front facing the main street had been updated since I had interned.  It now had a bit more of an inviting look, and not so much a place that the waitresses would yell at ya if you weren't a regular.  I kind of missed the original look, but understand how this might be better for business overall.

However, I was comforted to see the alley side entrance and the inside didn't look like it had changed much in 20 or so years.   

As we entered the restaurant we noticed it was very casual and laid back.  We were warmly welcomed.  You got the feeling this was a place families grew up going to over the years and always remembered.  Since we were earlyish for dinner there were only a few other tables occupied.  However, the restaurant filled up the longer we were there. 

This restaurant's claim to fame is the Beanie Burger, so naturally that was what I had to try.

This was a big burger that definitely didn't skimp on the beef component.  The patty was juicy and chunky.  The 1/2 pound burger was topped with American cheese, bacon, sauteed onion, lettuce, tomato, and coleslaw.  The addition of the slaw was what defined it as the "Beanie burger".  I loved how melty and gooey the cheese was on the bacon, beef, and onions.  In my world you can't go wrong with melted cheese and meat!  However, I could have done without the slaw.  It was mainly shredded cabbage without much flavor.  Overall, I'd give this burger an 8, and a 9 without the slaw!

Erik went with the Academy Burger which was the 1/2 pound burger topped with Swiss cheese, bacon, and grilled onions.  This burger was also very good, but my carnivore husband would have preferred more bacon (of course).   

Burgers come with fries and I upgraded my order for a $1.49 more for onion rings.  For the extra price I wished I would have gotten more rings.  However, the ones I got were thickly battered, perfectly fried, and crispy.  As seen above, Erik went with the fries and they were also battered and perfectly fried.  Yum on both accounts!

Overall, the service was fast and friendly, the burgers were big and juicy, and the sides were perfectly fried.  What more could you want? 

Bill Total:  For a Beanie burger with rings, an Academy burger with fries, 2 Pepsis, tax and tip; we were at about $28.

Overall Rating:  3 1/2 buckeyes

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